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Sonnax 16 clutch surface OD drum
Sonnax input
WPD Valve body- Revmax billet channel plate, NEW OEM white solenoid, Sonnax/transgo oversized switch valve, billet accumlators, extra thick accumulator plate
Reman WPD pump assembly- oversized valves installed when fail of Vacuum test, new Sonnax inner gear
OEM seals and new front pump cover
Filters with steel insert
Billet Flexplate
Revmax- 15ss/17ss torque converter
Revmax billet center support
Revmax Billet OD drive Hub

Recommended for HD towing with added HP.

68 RFE-1000HP

  • PRICE INCLUDES TRANSMISSION CORE CHARGE ($2000). If you return your core you will receive a refund of that charge. 

  • Learn more about our MVB options by clicking here.

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