68RFE Transmission 650 HP 19-ON

2019+ WPD-68rfe-650hp

650 HP



+ $2,000 Core Charge - Added at Checkout

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68RFE 650 HP Features

2019-ON RAM 2500, RAM 3500

Sonnax Billet Input Shaft

Randy's Billet Triple Disk

WPD High PSI Pump and Valvebody Setup

Billet 2C Piston

WPD Custom Stud Kits

Sonnax Overdrive Drum

OEM Mopar seals/filters

new Sonnax bearings

1 piece low/Rev bushing

New inner pump gear

68RFE Transmission 650 HP 19-ON Performance Advantages

2019-ON RAM 2500, RAM 3500

This transmission has the same innovation and dependability, but can support more power than our super stock, if you are not ready to jump to the 800 series transmission. This unit features a Sonnax billet input shaft, Randy's billet triple disk, WPD High psi pump and valvebody setup, billet 2C piston, WPD custom Stud kits, as well as the Sonnax overdrive drum for all the clamping force needed in mildly modified trucks up to 650hp.

68RFE Transmission Core Charge Policy

$2,000 core charge added at check out and will be refunded when returned in whole with no damage. The following deductions will be made to the $2,000 charge when there is damage to one or more of the following, but charges will not exceed the $2,000 core.

- WP Transmission Core $2,000
- Convertor $500
- Pump $500
- Valve Body $500
- Case $1,500
- Shipping Crate $500

68RFE Transmission Design & Fitment

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"Ethan and his team have helped me tremendously with my 2500 Cummins from a built trans to turbo set up and more! He has helped me every step of the way and is just an awesome person and business to do work with! Thanks Ethan for your knowledge and help it’s truly appreciated!"
Keith D.
"Ethan and the crew are the go to for 68RFE action. Mild or wild you know it's done right!"
Cody M.
"These guys are some of the brightest and the best when it comes to transmissions. Good people and  very knowledgeable!!"
Christopher N.
"Ethan is a great dude! Very knowledgeable an will be getting my service again!"
Aaron H.
"Great customer service. All my questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. Look forward to doing business with them again."
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"Ethan was awesome to work with.   He definitely knows his business and kept me informed every step of the way.  Thanks for taking care of my truck and getting it back to me so quickly.  I will definitely be back."
Jorge P.
"Helped me out not once, but twice. Ethan and Chris both know their way around diesel.. Highly recommend them over the competition."
Tyler M.
"I will be getting my car in as soon as I can...most importantly, I know Ethan personally and I'm incredibly impressed with his knowledge and ethics! He is top on my list of people I would trust."
Jodi J.
"So far i cant thank the crew enough at WP Developments diesel performance.  Im looking forward to this long road ahead as we get ready for ucc together.  Thanks a bunch everyone involved for making this dream a reality."
Jay L.
"Best guys to work with. They will figure out a plan for your truck. They helped me with some information and what caused problems for my truck."
Bobby T.